paulsPaul Stubbs (born in 1969 in Norwich) received awards for his writing from the Society of Authors and Arts Council East and his second collection, The Icon Maker was published by Arc Publications in 2008 to great critical response. His poems have appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines, including The Wolf, The Poetry Review, The Bitter OleanderThe Shop, Spolia, and the French literary magazines Les Carnets d’Eucharis and Nuncand he has also reviewed for different publications (Agenda, Poetry Wales, The Wolf, 3:AM magazine, Poetry Nottingham…). Paul Stubbs has written a play, The Messiah, and English versions of two classical Greek plays, Euripides’ The Bacchae and Aeschylus’ Prometheus Unbound. He was invited to read his poems at various places, including the Seamus Heaney Centre in Belfast, the King’s Lynn Festival, in New York (Bowery Poetry Club), and Paris (Berkeley Books). A long poem, Ex Nihilo, was published in 2010 (Black Herald Press) and another long poem, Flesh, was published in 2013. His third poetry collection, The End of the Trial of Man, was published by Arc Publications in 2015. His latest book is a collection of poetical essays, The Return to Silence (Black Herald Press, 2016). He is also the author of a book of essays on Arthur Rimbaud, The Carbonized Earth. His forthcoming poetry collection, The Lost Songs of Gravity, is partly based on the religious writings of Simone Weil. With Blandine Longre, he co-edits The Black Herald, a bilingual international literary magazine based in London and Paris.




The Theological Museum, (foreword by Alice Oswald) Flambard Press, 2005

The Icon Maker, Arc Publications, 2008

Ex Nihilo, Black Herald Press, 2010

Flesh, Black Herald Press, 2013

The End of the Trial of Man, Arc Publications, February 2015

The Return to Silence (and other poetical essays), Black Herald Press, 2016




Poems published in magazines (selection):

Silence – in The Shop, issue No 2, Spring 2000

After the Flood – in Poetry Review, Volume 94 no 4 Winter 2004/2005

Soul – in The Independent on Sunday, October 2005

Ancestral Man – in The Shop, Issue No 24, Summer 2007

The End of the Trial of Man and Head VI, 1949 – in The Wolf, issue 17, Spring 2008

The Paralytic Child – in The Shop, issue 28, Autumn/Winter 2008

Lying Figure, 1969 and Afterworldsmen – in The Wolf, issue 21, September 2009

The Birth of God and Religious man prepares for paradise– in The Zaporogue magazine, June 2010

Parousia and The Birth of the Third Reich –  in The Wolf, issue 23, June 2010

The Paralytic Child – in Stride Magazine, september 2010

The Changeling: in original version and in French translation – The Black Herald, issue 1, January 2011

The Awakening – in The Shop, issue 35, Spring 2011

The Last Signs of Science – in The Wolf, issue 24, March 2011

Elysium: in original version and  French translation – The Black Herald, issue 2, September 2011

God-body problem (resolved?) : in original version and  French translation – The Black Herald, issue 3, September 2012

The Ascetic Attempts to SpeakThe Bitter Oleander (Spring 2013)

An Adam (and an Eve), The Final Three Phases of Perdition, The Death of UtopiaSpolia, issue 3 (July 2013)

Imagining a Body, Afterworldsmen, Death of Utopia: in original version and  French translation – Les Carnets d’Eucharis, issue 2 (2014)

‘En Route to Bethlehem’ – in The Shop, issue 46/47, Winter 2014.

‘The End of the Trial of Man’ – in The Black Herald 5, Spring 2015

‘The Paralytic Child’, ‘The Paralytic Child and the Flood’, ‘Evolution’ – in NUNC magazine n° 40, October 2016 (French translation)

‘The Spirit of Gravity’, ‘Return to the Cosmological Cross’ – in The High Window, issue 4, Winter 2016

‘The Birth of God’, ‘The Awakening (Evolution of the Pious)’ – in Les Carnets d’Eucharis 5, 2017 (in original version and French translation)



Poems published in Anthologies

Westminster Bridge 2002 – in “Earth has not any thing to shew more fair”, Ed. By Peter and Alice Oswald, Shakespeare’s Globe & the Wordsworth Trust, 2002

Frozen – in The Forward Book of Poetry 2006, Faber and Faber

The Paralytic Child, in The King’s Lynn Silver Folio, Ed. By Michael Hulse, 25 years of King’s Lynn Poetry Festival, 2009

Afterworldsmen, in The Wolf: A Decade (Poems 2002-2012), July 2012



Essays published in magazines & anthologies (selection)

Gregory Corso’s Gasoline, The Imaginary and the Pure –  in 3:AM Magazine, 2010.

The Reweaving of Time, Bei Dao’s poetry –  in The Wolf, issue 23, June 2010.

Rimbaud and the New Inquisition – essay published in The Black Herald, issue 2, September 2011

The Boundaries of Being, about W.S. Graham’s poetry – Afterword published in The Dark Dialogues, bilingual selected poems of W.S. Graham (Black Herald Press, Paris, 2013)

Beyond the Poem, about Arthur Rimbaud – essay published in Essays & Fictions, Volume XII, Winter 2013/2014

The Metaphysical Web – in Clayton Eshleman: The Whole Art, Edited by Stuart Kendall, Black Widow Press, 2014

The Anti-Author and the Death of Personality – in Epignosis Quarterly, issue 1, 2014






Where to get the books:





Rimbaud Museum, Charleville – october 2009.

Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall.

reading The Bridge by Hart Crane, on Brooklyn Bridge, NY, november 2009

Conversing with the dead, February 2010