Poems translated into French

Three poems were published in issue 40 of NUNC: ‘The Paralytic Child’ (‘L’enfant paralytique’), ‘The Paralytic Child and the Flood’ (‘L’enfant paralytique et le déluge’), ‘Evolution’ (‘Evolution’), in October 2016 (French translation by Blandine Longre).   http://corlevour.com/fr/revue/nunc-n%C2%B040-0   ***     Two poems were published in issue 5 of Les Carnets d’Eucharis: ‘ The Birth of God’ (‘la naissance … Continue reading

3 poems published in ‘Les Carnets d’Eucharis’

Imagining a Body, Afterworldsmen and Death of Utopia have been published along their French translation (by Blandine Longre) in issue 2 of the French poetry magazine Les Carnets d’Eucharis (2014 – editor Nathalie Riera). * Various reviews about this issue: http://www.recoursaupoeme.fr/revue-des-revues/les-carnets-deucharis-version-papier-opus-2/m-c-masset http://pierresel.typepad.fr/la-pierre-et-le-sel/2014/05/les-carnets-deucharis-carnet-2-2014.html http://www.sitaudis.fr/Parutions/les-carnets-d-eucharis-carnet-deux.php  

‘The Boundaries of Being’ – about W.S. Graham’s poetry (excerpt)

* Afterword first published, along with its French translation, in Les Dialogues obscurs / The Dark Dialogues, Selected poems / poèmes choisis, by W. S Graham (translated from the English by Anne-Sylvie Homassel & Blandine Longre, Introduction by Michael Snow / Afterword by Paul Stubbs – bilingual book, Black Herald Press, 2013, ISBN  978-2-919582-07-5) * “It is to be hoped that this … Continue reading


First published in The Black Herald, issue 3 (Sept. 2012) by Paul Stubbs * On January 15th, 1967, in one of a series of letters exchanged between the poets W.H. Auden and Michael Hamburger concerning the translations of German poet Friedrich Hölderlin, Auden wrote that he was trying ‘to account for what I’m sure you’ll … Continue reading


After Triptych, 1965 by Francis Bacon 1. A woman, unscripted, she bends into her flesh; fidgeting, squirming, contorted: As if the molten-metal from the mould of the swastika it was being intravenously fed into her veins… While Satan, upon his sunbed, grins. 2. Arms pinioned, the epoch is suspended. From the ripped-open gut spills the detritus of … Continue reading

To The Silenced – Georg Trakl

To the Silenced, selected poems of Georg Trakl, introduction and translation Will Stone (Arc Publications, 2005) by P. Stubbs The task set themselves by most major European poets of expressing what it feels like to be alive in any one epoch does not, on the whole, apply to the poetry of Georg Trakl. The world … Continue reading