Anthony Seidman reviews “The End of the Trial of Man”

“Readers familiar with such long masterpieces by Stubbs as Ex Nihilo have become familiar with the taut and searing intelligence in his poetry. His poems often appear in open sequences or long pieces, and the characteristics they share most with each other is the same piercing intelligence that examines a question or obsession from multiple … Continue reading

The End of the Trial of Man

* * “No one is writing like this, or quite like this, or not that I have read recently in the English tongue.” —Stephen Romer   In this new collection of poems, Paul Stubbs re-imagines a future age of metaphysics, philosophy and post-religious terror; with the tutelary spirit of Francis Bacon hovering above each poem, his paintings … Continue reading


Afterworldsmen (After ‘Triptych 1991’ by Francis Bacon) ‘Thus I too once cast my deluded fancy beyond mankind, like all afterworldsmen’ – Nietzsche ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ **********************   Beyond Mankind – An irregular rib, and the susurration of un- used diaphanous muscles beginning now to twitch; your rib rupturing the larynx of the priest when, in … Continue reading


After Triptych, 1965 by Francis Bacon 1. A woman, unscripted, she bends into her flesh; fidgeting, squirming, contorted: As if the molten-metal from the mould of the swastika it was being intravenously fed into her veins… While Satan, upon his sunbed, grins. 2. Arms pinioned, the epoch is suspended. From the ripped-open gut spills the detritus of … Continue reading


* Poems recorded at  The Seamus Heaney Centre, February 2008 After the flood – Head I – Paraphrasing the Dumb – Prayer – Seascape – The Paralytic child – The Pope departs his Heaven – The Scream * ********************************************************************** The End of the Trial of Man  (At Berkeley Books of Paris, April 30, 2015.) ********************************************************************** … Continue reading