THE RETURN TO SILENCE, and other poetical essays

THE RETURN TO SILENCE and other poetical essays Paul Stubbs Black Herald Press, December 2016 138 pages – 12 € – isbn 978-2-919582-16-7 * To purchase the book * ‘For nearly two decades (or perhaps millennia) Paul Stubbs has been engaged in the task of imagining what lies beyond the imagination…there is no guardrail to this kind … Continue reading

‘Toward a Vegetal Wisdom’ – On the writings of E.M. Cioran (excerpt)

*   ‘I once imagined that I was the most lucid man on earth’—E.M. Cioran * Perhaps the only universe that man understands is the one that by him is most misunderstood. E.M. Cioran, a chronicler of impotence, and an iconoclast, proved himself to be independent of all superfluous discussions of reality, contemplating as he … Continue reading

The defeat of time – Paul Stubbs reviews “Quartet for the End of Time”

* Quartet for the End of Time Mark Wilson Editions du Zaporogue, 2011 a review by Paul Stubbs * In the period after the First World War Ezra Pound reached the conclusion that England as a central core-place of the creative arts was over, had become in fact “uninhabitable”. This was the moment of not … Continue reading

The Meaning-Making Machine

Theoretical Animals Gary J. Shipley (BlazeVOX Books, 2010) In 1959 in Paris when William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, following in Tristan Tzara’s footsteps, started in earnest to construct the ‘cut-ups’, they began the nominal process of reducing ‘conventional’ prose back down into the retinal-rush of the newsreel, the slogan, the hideously disgorged and fractious sentence, … Continue reading

Anticline – by Clayton Eshleman

Anticline Clayton Eshleman Black Widow Press, 2010 – 181 pages by Paul Stubbs The full essay can now be found in “Clayton Eshleman, The Whole Art“, edited by Stuart Kendall(Black Widow Press, 2014) *** Clayton Eshleman is one of America’s most pivotal visionary poets writing today, a word-creator and a language inventor whose work has … Continue reading