‘The Boundaries of Being’ – about W.S. Graham’s poetry (excerpt)


Afterword first published, along with its French translation, in Les Dialogues obscurs / The Dark Dialogues, Selected poems / poèmes choisis, by W. S Graham (translated from the English by Anne-Sylvie Homassel & Blandine Longre, Introduction by Michael Snow / Afterword by Paul Stubbs – bilingual book, Black Herald Press, 2013, ISBN  978-2-919582-07-5)


“It is to be hoped that this new selection of W.S. Graham’s poems translated into French for the first time will allow his work, at least in another language, to break free of some of the more superfluous literary comparisons that have hitherto stifled the rate of its recognition in his own country. Amid the sometimes maddening insularity and limp aesthetics of poetry criticism in Britain by those seemingly obsessed with the ‘canon’, the response to this astonishing poet has appeared at times to be off-handed, lukewarm, if not downright idiotic. Now, thankfully his poetry might be allowed to be read afresh, not as it were impoverished by any obdurate mental attitude of the epoch in which it was first written. Critical judgement of course is rarely blessed by an acute linguistical abundance in which to explain itself, and Graham’s reputation has suffered most it seems from a critical ‘opinion’ whose terrorism of popular ‘taste’ and age-encrusted apparatus has long since fallen into a state of desuetude.” Paul Stubbs


to read the full essay (in English / in French)

to order the book


Les Dialogues obscurs / The Dark Dialogues

Les Dialogues obscurs / The Dark Dialogues


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